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CNA ClassesCertified Nursing Assistants are in demand, and there are many different types of educational institutions doing their best to keep up with the number of interested applicants. If you are looking for cheap CNA classes, there are a few places that should start your search in the right direction. These include community colleges, nursing homes, vocational nursing schools, and local public service programs or community centers. To find out which of these cheap CNA classes are available and accredited in your area, visit your state’s online Nurse Aide Registry for a list of state-approved nurse aide training programs.

Community Centers– Free or Cheapest

There are many different types of workforce education programs that are available across the country to help finance and cover the cost of healthcare training. Especially for CNAs, there are federal and state funds allocated to train new nurse aides. The programs that offer free CNA classes or moderate financial assistance are most often available at community centers, like public schools or community assistance programs. These classes function similar to social welfare programs, and applicants will be required to apply for financial aid with the affiliated state department or with the nursing program itself. These options are best suited for students that have no money to cover the cost of their training. A great example of a community center that is available in every state is the U.S. Department of Labor’s Federal Job Corps program. Job Corps facilities are placed in major cities across the country to house, feed, and train new workers in a variety of fields, healthcare being one of the most popular.

Nursing Homes – Cheapest

Nursing homes are the main employers of CNAs, and as such, they are one of the most frequent instructors for these healthcare workers. Nursing homes are provided federal funds through Medicaid that are designated for training new workers for their facilities. This means that if you choose to train at a nursing home and you receive an offer of employment before your certification is complete, your new employer is responsible for the cost of your tuition. This can lead to free training and a quick entry into the workforce. Even if the nursing home offering you training does not have job openings, they will be able to put you into contact with other nursing homes.

Technical Schools / Community College– Cheaper

Technical schools and community colleges offer many types of higher learning, and the majority of them offer CNA training. Because the CNA programs are certificate-based instead of degree-based, they do not offer college credit for classes. However, this means that the nurse aide training classes are separate from other college offerings and do not have the same selectivity or high costs. Most training programs can be completed in about one semester of classes, or three to five months.

Vocational Nursing Programs– Cheap

Vocational nursing programs are the most abundant form of nurse aide instruction class. In most cases, they are privately-owned training facilities operated by accredited professional nurses. Because they are operated strictly for profit, they can be the most expensive options out of the rest. This is not always true, however, and many of the smallest programs try to attract more students with competitive pricing and low rates. Because these programs are the smallest, they can be less reliable than the other options and do not always have convenient class offerings or high-quality instructors. One major advantage is that these programs allow their students to complete certification faster, with intensive training courses that can be completed in three to eight weeks.

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