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Do I Need a CNA Certificate to work in a Hospital?

CNA certificateThe healthcare industry is projected to be one of the most successful upcoming job-markets over the coming decade, and there are hundreds of different positions available in the field of medicine. Consider the work environment at a hospital. Medical assistants and receptionists answer phones, handle patients and families in waiting rooms, and help file mountains of paperwork. Nurses and physicians move from room to room, checking the status of patients and providing treatments. Surgeons spend hours in operating rooms and sometimes aren’t seen during daytime hours for weeks at a time. There are thousands of important tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis and there is a unique and skilled healthcare professional for each one.

One of the most underrated members of this medical team is the Certified Nursing Assistant. CNAs are entry-level workers that help nurses and doctors manage their daily patient load. They keep close watch on patients on an individual basis, becoming the primary caretaker for many types of residents. Without the help of a nurse aide, patients would not be properly cared for in many ways, including their hygiene, room upkeep, and daily needs like food and social interaction.

As one of the most widely-available entry-level positions at a hospital, becoming a CNA is the best way to secure a reliable and sustainable job in a hospital. Of course there are other positions available in janitorial services, food distribution, and general administration, but no other entry-level worker is capable or qualified to provide medical treatment to patients in need. For this reason, getting your CNA certificate is one of the best ways to find work in a hospital. There are over 1.5 million CNAs working in the United States, and the second most common employer is the general hospital.

There are other positions in healthcare that have already been mentioned that are available entryways into a medical career. Medical assistants are also extremely common employees at healthcare facilities. This position also requires a certificate program to be completed, but does not award the same types of upward mobility or career fulfillment as the work of a CNA. One reason that having your CNA certificate will be helpful for working at a hospital is because of the valuable job experience available at hospitals. For nurse aides, the more knowledge and experience you have, the more valuable your job becomes. Hospitals are a valuable learning environment where nurse aides can gain hands-on experience with complicated procedures and complex fields of medicine.

This exposure can help develop a specialty in nursing or at least an interest in further career training. CNAs are capable of continuing their education to become more capable healthcare professionals and attain advanced nursing degrees. Having your CNA certificate is an important way to make the most out your time working at a hospital. Without proper certification, it may be possible to get a job but the value of your work experience will be lost. If you want to start a long and rewarding career in medicine, you should get your certification as a nurse aide before working at a hospital.

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