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Can I Get my CNA Certification Online?

If you are wondering whether or not you can get your CNA certification online, the short answer is yes. There are many programs that allow students to complete online instruction courses and virtual simulations for credit as a nurse aide, but all applicants are required to take their state’s CNA certification exam, which is not online. The training programs that have online courses are offered through a number of different educators: community colleges, vocational nursing programs, and some nursing homes. Many people are interested in online certification because of the many advantages that convenient, accessible classes bring to the table. But there are also some significant drawbacks to online certification.

For starters, there are several states that do not permit online CNA classes to qualify for nurse aide training. That does not mean that online classes will not be offered in these states. Many students are led along to believe that their certification class will help them on the state competency evaluation for CNAs, only to find out that they do not even qualify for credit to challenge the test. Only state-approved nurse aide training programs will allow applicants to take the state certification test, so make sure that your online program is approved by the state board.

Another misconception about online certification is about the certification test. All CNA certificates are distributed by the state, so there is no way to complete your certification without challenge the state competency evaluation test. Depending on where your live and your training institution, the test will be provided to you upon graduation from training by your instructors or by an outside party. In some states, the competency test is handled by private test-distributors like Pearson VUE. These testing services provide the test and instructional materials for how to take the test. Many of these programs can be researched and found online, but the actual test itself is not offered through the Internet. In order to take the certification test, all applicants must register with their state board and visit an approved testing center. There is no way to complete your certification with an online test.

No matter what route you take to achieve your certification as a nursing assistant, the Internet will not be able to provide every necessary part of your training. The nursing profession is a service-based job and all duties are related to helping real people. For that reason, many aspects of nursing instruction must be completed in the presence of others. All CNAs must be able to properly and politely handle their responsibilities with patients and employers alike. If you are looking for a shortcut to your certification, you will be disappointed with the final result. In order to become a fully-operational nurse aide, you must be present to learn the hands-on skills of the job. In order to become a talented and successful nurse aide, you must learn that there is more to the job than simply performing medical procedures and healthcare routines. CNAs are the front-line of every nursing team, and as such, they deal with every problem and setback before others get to them. To do a great job, take the time to learn about your career. It will pay off for you as a professional, and it will help your patients on a personal level.

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