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CNA Certification Test Study Tips

cna certification testThe last step to becoming a certified nursing assistant is to pass the CNA certification test and it is often this step that gives people the most trouble. With several months of instruction and countless hours of clinical rotation, it can be hard to retain every single fact and procedure needed to become a good nurse aide. To top it off, each state has a different version of the test and has unique requirements for certification. But there are some surefire ways to reduce the stress and strain of keeping up with your studies and reviewing for the CNA certification test. Here are some study tips that can help you stay calm and cross the finish line to certification.

1. Take Care of Your Brain

Many students do not appreciate their brain enough. As the main factor in decision making, memory, and overall performance on the test, your brain’s health is extremely important to your ability to achieve a high score. The best way to take care of your brain is to maintain healthy sleep habits and a steady diet. Especially during the week of your certification test, it will help your score to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Your ability to recall and process information will be improved with a greater clarity of thought and quicker mental processes. On the day of the test, make sure you eat a healthy breakfast so you have the energy to concentrate.

2. Set Priorities

If passing the certification test is the most important objective in your life, it will be much easier to do well on the test. But this is not the case for many of us because life is more complicated than test-scores. Whatever they may be, your priorities should be arranged to allow you the maximum time and energy for your test preparation. If you have a job or other time commitment besides studying for the test, be realistic. You must maintain a balanced schedule in order to give yourself enough time and energy to ace your certification test.

3. Manage Your Time

Much like setting priorities, setting a strict schedule will help you make the most out of your time and energy. Plan your time out down to the hour and account for as much of the day as possible. There is enough time in the day for accomplishing any goal, as long as you set aside time to do so. Manage your time to avoid getting stressed out by sudden deadlines or time crunches. Time management is an important skill in general, but practicing it for your certification exam will also help you on the job as a certified nursing assistant. 

4. Ask for Help

Many test-takers benefit from a support group, experienced instructor, or study buddy that can help them throughout the review process. Reviewing in groups is a great way to reinforce your understanding of basic principles but also to receive help on any areas that confuse you. For most people, there will be some options for support at the institution providing training, such as classmates or teachers. Asking your teacher for help on specific parts of the test will be more effective than asking for them to help you review over all. Try to figure out which topics, concepts, of the CNA program are most confusing to you before asking for help.

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