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CNA Certification Verification Process

CNA certificationTrying to find out about your status as a Certified Nursing Assistant requires that you understand the CNA certification verification process. Every state has a specific service that is responsible for helping residents determine the status of any CNA qualified to work in that state. This service is called the Nurse Aide Registry and it can be accessed online. This is a useful service for nurse aides, nursing homes, and consumers that rely upon healthcare professionals to care for their loved ones.

In order to verify your certification, there are two ways to identify yourself as a health care provider. Depending on the state of your certification, you will be provided with a credential number. In some cases, this is a unique number generated at the time of your certification and in other cases, it is your social security number. The credential number can be used to locate your file on the registry if it has been processed and accepted. The other way to locate your listing is by name. The registry allows users to search through nurse aides by their names and many people find this to be the most convenient strategy. Searching by name may be frustrating for new CNAs, however, because it is a less direct way to locate an entry. If you have recently completed your certification exam and are checking to determine whether your certification is complete, it may take several days or weeks to appear in the registry.

The registry is used by employers and nursing homes as well. Through the Nurse Aide Registry, employers can provide feedback on specific CNAs. This is not for giving job feedback and work reviews; it is mostly used for recording serious violations of nursing ethics and workplace conduct. Nurse aides that are fired or accused of misconduct are listed on the registry in order to promote transparency and accountability in the workplace. Many nurse aides take for granted that the patients they treat are considered extremely valuable by their loved ones, and sometimes forget to treat the patients as such. If you are accused of improper conduct on the job, your employers will most likely use the Nurse Aide Registry to inform other employers about your misdeeds.

That being said, the registry is only a secondary consideration for most nursing homes. They do not rely on the registry for employee reviews and only resort to making records when forced by the law. The registry plays an important role for consumers and employers, but it is also useful for nurse aides. If you are a certified nursing assistant that was trained in one state but want to relocate and work in a new state, you will need the nurse aide registry to apply for reciprocity in your new state. Because the mandatory training qualifications vary between the different states, all nurse aides must be certified for their specific state. Applying for certification by endorsement or reciprocity can only be achieved through the nurse aide registry. Again, it will be necessary for every CNA to be able to locate themselves on the registry, but using a certification number will allow nurse aides to access a great wealth of information about their job performance and other resources for employment opportunities.

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