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CNA ClassBecoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in Charlotte is a great way to find better employment in a reliable career field. Finding the right class for your training can be difficult because there are so many options. North Carolina is extremely flexible with the training requirements for CNAs, so there are many different types of classes and institutions that offer instruction have many different programs. Some applicants choose not to take any classes at all, but the certification test can be extremely difficult to pass without proper preparation. Consider some of these affordable options for CNA classes, with online learning available for those students that are looking for a convenient way to achieve certification.

American Academy of Healthcare – Online classes, $475

The American Academy of Healthcare is based in Charlotte and recently began to offer online courses to students. Their program is one of the most affordable out of the many CNA programs in Charlotte, but tuition does not cover testing fees or class materials. Online classes can be extremely useful for people with full schedules, but they are also easier to fail due to a higher level of independence. If you are looking for an online class, make sure that you have the willpower necessary to complete virtual lessons on your own time.

Divine Health Academy – $500

The Divine Health Academy is one of the smaller nurse aide training programs in Charlotte. There are many perks to being in a smaller class, and the low tuition is one of the most affordable in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the low tuition does not cover testing fees for the certification test. With a fewer students in a class, instructors are more capable of addressing individual needs. With more instructor attention, it will be easier to master the coursework and study materials required for certification.

Umanah Healthcare Institute – $500

The Umanah Healthcare Institute has one of the best track records in Charlotte for passing the certification test. Classes of CNAs that complete training at Umanah Healthcare go on to achieve pass-rates that average above 95%, meaning that almost every student passes the certification exam on their first attempt. Tuition does not include the cost of textbooks or testing fees.

Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence – Payment plan and discount available, $530

The Nurse Aide Institute of Excellence is one of the more flexible programs for nursing assistant training, with low admission requirements, payment plans and discounted rates, and several different class schedules for busy students. The tuition does not cover testing fees, training materials like textbooks, or the non-refundable registration fee.

Carolinas College of Health Sciences – $595

The Carolinas College of Health Sciences is one of the most prestigious healthcare training institutions in the Charlotte area. Some advantages to this program are the large professional network associated with the school and the possibility for employment. The tuition is more expensive than other options, but the reputation attached to the school is useful for impressing employers and other medical institutions in the Charlotte area.

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