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CNA ClassesThere are many considerations when choosing which CNA Classes in Chicago will be best for your needs. Cost, availability, and reputation are all things that should be considered when selecting where to begin your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Across Illinois, the most common places to find training as a nurse aide include community colleges, nursing homes, and some vocational nursing programs. In the city especially, there are a few training institutions that can provide more offerings for workforce education, financial assistance, and job placement than other training facilities. If you are looking affordable, low-cost, or even free CNA classes in Chicago, you should begin you search with a few places in particular. The following programs offer state-approved nurse aide training and also accept federal aid to pay for tuition.

The City Colleges of Chicago

The City Colleges of Chicago are an extensive network of community colleges throughout the city. These schools offer many different class types and have a very popular nurse aide training program. The colleges that offer CNA classes for nursing assistants include Wilbur Wright College, Kennedy-King College, Richard J. Daley College, Malcolm X College, and Olive-Harvey College. The program can be completed in a few months and the diverse campus offerings allow almost any urban resident to get access to classes. The classes do not qualify for college credit because they are part of a certificate program. The most attractive aspect of the CNA classes at the City Colleges of Chicago training programs is that they participate in the Workforce Investment Act. The WIA offers people the chance to complete their vocational training and workforce education for free or reduced cost with financial aid. All applicants must apply to receive aid, and the WIA can be accessed through the Illinois Workforce Development System. Once your eligibility has been approved, you can enroll in CNA classes at a City College.

Chicago Community Learning Center

The Chicago Community Learning Center is another training facility that accepts students through the WIA program. There are many different kinds of vocational training available at the CCLC, and students can become qualified for many unique positions in the healthcare field besides being a nurse aide. Because the CCLC is not as large as a community college, there is more teacher-student interaction and individuals can get more attention if they are in need. The community center and training institute is based on the near north side of the city, close to the Sheridan Park neighborhood.

Competent Healthcare

Competent Healthcare is a small business that is approved to offer certified nursing assistant training and also accepts WIA funds. This is a better option for students that are looking for a smaller classroom environment and an opportunity to have closer interactions with peers and instructors. Even though the other options listed accept financial aid from the federal government, the cost of their tuition is relatively higher than the tuition at Competent Healthcare. This program is located on the north-west side of the city, close to the neighborhood of Horner Park.

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