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CNA Classes in Indiana – Indianapolis and Ft. Wayne

CNA TrainingOver the past year in Indiana, over 4,000 jobs were added to the healthcare field alone and many of them were for Certified Nursing Assistants. The job industry in healthcare is booming, no matter where you live. Finding work in Indiana without a high school diploma can be extremely challenging and downright frustrating, but becoming a qualified nurse aide can make it a lot easier. Training for CNA certification doesn’t require any college degrees or even a high school diploma, which is one of the reasons more and more Americans are turning to healthcare training as their route to sustainable employment. Here are some of the most popular programs in Indiana with affordable rates and convenient locations.

First Crown Health Care – Ft. Wayne, $775

First Crown Health Care is a small healthcare training institution that offers small class sizes and regularly-scheduled courses. There are several benefits to choosing this CNA program, and some of the most attractive program features are its flexible admissions policies and comprehensive training. Small classes make for a more focused learning experience, and students are privileged to the instructor’s direct guidance. The school is based in Ft. Wayne, and the $775 tuition covers texts books and testing fees.

Indiana Home Health Career Center – Indianapolis, $450

Based in Indianapolis, the Indiana Home Health Career Center offers a lot of unique program perks to its nurse aide trainees. As one of the most affordable training programs in the entire state of Indiana, the school attracts many types of students. Some of their unique offerings include certification in multiple states and complementary instructional DVDs. Classes can be completed in three weeks, and the school offers evening and weekend classes for people with full-time jobs. Tuition does not cover testing fees.

J. Everett Light Career Center –Indianapolis, $620

The J. Everett Light Career Center is based in Indianapolis and has been offering vocational instruction and workforce education for over 40 years. The Certified Nursing Assistant program is affiliated with the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township. Tuition is $620 and does not include testing fees. Classes are conducted three days a week, with two evening classes and a clinical rotation on weekends.

Omega Healthcare Systems – Ft. Wayne

Omega Healthcare Systems offers several services to their Ft. Wayne, Indiana community. They have an in-depth nurse aide training program and a vocational nursing service that provides healthcare professionals to paying customers. Choosing to complete your training at Omega Healthcare is a good way to get into contact with healthcare professionals that serve the Ft. Wayne area, allowing for professional networking and the some opportunities for job placement.

Walker Career Center–Indianapolis, $700

The Walker Career Center is based in Indianapolis and is an off-shoot program of the Metropolitan School District of Warren Township. The program provides the minimum amount of training required for qualification to challenge the certification test, with approximately 105 hours of total instruction. There is only one class schedule for certified nursing assistants, and all classes are conducted during the week at daytime hours. Tuition is $550 dollars, but there is also a non-refundable registration fee of $150.

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