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CNA ClassIf you’re looking for work in the Milwaukee area, you should consider enrolling in Certified Nursing Assistant classes. There are many options for instruction courses throughout the state, and there are very few prerequisites for enrollment. Training is affordable, and most programs only require that applicants have completed their high school diploma or GED, but even this requirement can be waived in certain cases. The healthcare industry is growing faster than any other job market, so taking the time to complete your education now will lead to greater rewards in the future. Finishing a CNA class is one of the best ways to assure increased employ-ability in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Area Technical College – 94% pass-rate, $405

The Milwaukee Area Technical College is one of the most affordable CNA training programs in Wisconsin. They have several program offerings for fully-employed students or students with English as a second language. The school has maintained a very good pass-rate on the certification exam required for all CNAs and 94% of all their students pass the test on their first attempt. The tuition for classes is $405, which does not include testing fees or textbook costs.

J. Johnson Educational Center – 85%pass-rate, $700

The J. Johnson Educational Center is an educational institution that specializes in healthcare training and continuing education classes. Their course-list includes offerings for EMT training and CPR certification, but their main program is for certified nursing assistants. The school has maintained an 85% pass-rate on the certification exam, which is relatively low for Wisconsin nurse aide training programs. But the tuition is more affordable than most other options, which makes the J. Johnson Educational Center’s CNA program attractive to many applicants.

Milwaukee Center for Independence – 89%pass-rate, $950

The Milwaukee Center for Independence is a community service-based institution that provides workforce training and assisted-living programs for disadvantaged Milwaukee residents. They have a nurse aide training program that is relatively popular compared to other programs in Milwaukee. The courses are offered once per month and require at least three weeks to complete. The testing fees are included in tuition, and 89% of students pass their certification test on the first try.

Quality Healthcare Options – 99% pass-rate, $1,060

Quality Healthcare Options is based in Milwaukee and had one of the best pass-rates on the state certification exam for CNAs. 99% of their class passed the exam after graduation. Part of what makes the program so successful is their limited class sizes. Because of a higher tuition and a smaller facility, Quality Healthcare Options keeps their classes smaller than others. This provides more attention to each individual student, and makes for a more comprehensive instruction process.

Amber House Inc – 94%pass-rate, $1,105

As one of the smaller nursing assistant training programs in Milwaukee, the Amber House Inc. is an extremely competitive program in terms of pass-rates and tuition. At the higher end for tuition costs, the program offers a closer relationship between instructors and students, with more hands-on guidance during instruction. The method seems to work, as 94% of their students pass the certification exam on their first try. This training program is also a good option for CNAs looking for a quick segue into employment, as Amber House also serves consumers with professional healthcare services.

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