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CNA ClassesOmaha can be a tough place to find a job without a high school degree, but becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is one way to start a rewarding career without expensive classes or extensive professional experience. Taking CNA classes and completing your CNA certification exam as a nurse aide can lead to a fulfilling job at a number of different types of places. Educational programs for certified nursing assistants don’t require a GED or high school diploma and they can accept anyone above the age of 16. There are a lot of options to choose between in Nebraska, so here are the most popular CNA classes in Omaha.

Metropolitan Community College

The Metropolitan Community College of Omaha is an extremely popular two-year college that offers associate degrees in many different fields. One of their most popular programs is for Certified Nursing Assistants and the required class is currently titled Health 1200. In order to enroll in the training program for CNAs, all applicants must be at least 16 years old and pass the Metropolitan Community College placement test. The class schedules are flexible to account for many different types of students, and it is possible to take daytime or evening classes.

Nebraska Methodist College

The Nebraska Methodist College is a vocational nursing school that offers several certificates, degrees, and diplomas in healthcare. They have a six-week CNA program that is one of the best in the Omaha area. Tuition is $480, which is a bit more expensive than other programs but still remains an affordable option for most students. The program has several different class schedules, with daytime, evening, and weekend classes available. Classes can be filled quickly, and students must pay tuition in advance of enrollment.

Omaha Area Health Education Center

The Omaha Area Health Education Center is a community outreach initiative that helps low-income families meet their basic needs. They provide several types of training and offer a large list of family services. Recently, they added a Certified Nursing Assistant course to their list of healthcare education programs.

Promise Health Care Training Center

As one of the smaller programs in the Omaha area, Promise Health Care Training Center is able to be more flexible with their program offerings. Students have the advantage of a small class size, which allows for greater instructor involvement and more individual attention for each student. They have several course offerings available, with class formats for intensive two-week training or regular six-week training. Tuition is $400, which is one of the most affordable rates in the Omaha area.

Quality Living 

Quality Living is a healthcare institution with great reviews for employee satisfaction and customer service. They provide private nursing services and also host a rehabilitation center for different types of patients. The company treats patients that suffer from debilitating diseases as well as the elderly. Their CNA training program is a great option for students that are looking for an opportunity to work with an upstanding, non-profit organization. They post regular job openings for CNAs on their website.

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