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CNA ClassesRhode Island is a pretty small state, and finding work can be especially difficult if you don’t have a college education. But becoming a CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant can put you into a sustainable career field with a great working wage. CNA classes can be completed in a few months, and there are very few educational prerequisites needed for enrollment. Taking the time to complete your CNA certification as a nurse aide is a great way to start a fulfilling and rewarding career in healthcare.

Hispanic Technology and Education Programs – Providence

The Hispanic Technology and Education program is a relatively new program in the Providence area that provides continuing education and workforce training to the public. Their CNA training program has experienced some recent success, with growing enrollment from students outside the Hispanic community. The school offers many services besides training, and can assist with job placement and career counseling.

Homefront Health Care – Providence

The Homefront Health Care organization is a private nursing distributor that also provides training to applicants. Students that complete CNA training at Homefront usually do well on the certification test, and the training institute can provide further benefits to students. Because consumers can request or order professional nursing service, it is possible to be employed by the company, and your instructors can become your employers if you have proven yourself a quality nurse aide. The school is based in Providence.

Hope Nursing Home Care – Cranston

Hope Nursing Home Care is based in Cranston and operates a similar business to other nursing home training providers. Students can enroll in training to become certified nursing assistants, but consumers can also request professional nursing services. This gives an advantage to nursing students that choose to seek out employment after they complete training. If there are any opportunities to work at a nursing home or as a private home health aide in Cranston, Hope Nursing Home Care may be able to put you into touch with the appropriate contacts.

Phenix Home Care – Cranston

Based in Cranston, Phenix Home Care has achieved a 95% pass-rate on the CNA certification exam for several years running. This is one of the best rates for Cranston training programs. Their training program offers evening classes and is especially accommodating to students. They offer one-on-one tutoring for students that are struggling, and take pride in guiding students through the certification process to make sure that everyone makes it through the certification exam with passing scores.

Warwick Area Career and Technical Center– Warwick

The Warwick Area Career and Technical Center is part of the public school system for Warwick and offers several types of vocational training. The Warwick Area Career and Technical Center has specialized course offerings for CNA students. Classes can be taken during the day, in the afternoon, or at night. In order to qualify for enrollment, all applicants must take and pass the CNA pre-test, which is offered at regular intervals at the Center. Daytime classes are offered every eight weeks, and evening classes are offered every twelve weeks.

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