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CNA Classes VirginiaTo become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Virginia, there are many options for training that vary in cost, convenience, and format of instruction. Before enrolling in any class, you should have a clear idea of what type of class would work best for you. If financial difficulties prevent you from being selective, there are still choices between the most affordable nurse aide training programs in Richmond. If you are looking for online learning options, there are several different types of institutions that can provide virtual formats for lectures and class. Having a career in the field of healthcare can offer many more options for you in life, and the options begin when you decide how to complete your training.

Affordable Options

There are several different programs throughout the Richmond area that accept funding from the national Workforce Investment Act. The WIA allows many people near the poverty line to get financial assistance with the cost of their vocational training and workforce education. This is especially useful for unemployed people considering becoming CNAs, as the financial assistance can quickly get you on your way to making a suitable wage and receiving employment benefits. These training programs do not determine your eligibility for assistance from the WIA, but will accept your financial assistance once you are determined eligible.

Asher Comprehensive Training Center

The Asher Comprehensive Training Center offers several different varieties of nurse aide training programs. They have a flexible schedule, with day classes and evening classes available. All CNA courses run for eight weeks and provide 120 hours of instruction for students, with 70 spent in the classroom and 50 spent in the clinical rotation.

Professional Career Institute

Courses for nurse aide training are held every six weeks at the Professional Career Institute in Richmond. They offer day classes and evening classes. The tuition is just under $1,000 but with help from the WIA, this program is one of the most affordable in the state of Virginia.

Popular Options

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has multiple offerings that are useful for CNAs. Their basic nurse aide instruction course has several features that distinguish it from other programs in Virginia. They have options for online learning that allow for students to complete their training from the comfort of home, or choose a hybrid learning style, with some online coursework and some classroom instruction. The program is a bit more expensive than other options at $1,250, but this tuition includes the cost of textbooks and other services like testing fees and uniforms. Some other classes that are useful for nurse aides include modules on CPR and other emergency response skills. Continuing education can be useful to improve your employability and increase your wage by making you a more valuable and skilled member of the healthcare team.

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

The most popular community college in the Richmond area is the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. This school graduates a significant portion of Virginia’s CNAs, but there are reasons why it is not a suitable choice for everyone. The admissions process is stricter than other vocational training programs, and the cost of tuition can become much higher than at other institutions.

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