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CNA ClassesFinding online CNA classes can be extremely challenging because of how many options there are upon your first search. Many websites offer information on the different programs available online, but most of them are regurgitated information that isn’t always accurate or even useful. The best way to find online CNA classes is to start your search with the most credible sources of information on the nursing profession and your local offerings. These sources vary between states, but starting with your state’s online Nurse Aide Registry, Board of Nursing, Department of Aging, or Department of Health will be the most direct path to answers. Most of them will detail the many different options you have for state-approved nurse aide training courses, and the only ones with online options are found at some common types of facilities.

Vocational Nursing Programs

Most of the strictly-online learning programs for CNAs are run through vocational nursing programs and private businesses. There are so many people interested in becoming a nurse aide that businesses are springing up just to meet the demand of a growing body of students. Many vocational nursing programs will offer online instruction programs that come with promotional benefits like instructional DVDs, virtual simulation programs for nursing techniques, or additional forms of educational materials. These are some of the more risky online programs, as they can offer make false claims about their accreditation and program results. Some businesses provide certification for unemployable titles that sound like Certified Nursing Assistant, but do not enroll in a program unless it will qualify you for credit to take the state certification exam.

Technical and Community Colleges

Community colleges and technical colleges are some of the most abundant training programs for nurse aides across the country. They are widely-recognized educational institutions and as such, have a more reliable reputation. These places offer cutting-edge instructional methods and high-quality resources, of which online learning programs are the most popular. Not all aspects of nursing education can be completed in a virtual setting, so the online programs at community colleges offer the parts of instruction that do not require hands-on activity, such as classroom lectures and textbook reviews. Not every college or technical school offers online learning for CNAs, but there are many with flexible program requirements that will allow for some portion of learning to be completed online.

Community Service Organizations

There are many types of community service organizations that provide instructional programs for certified nursing assistants. Some of these educational institutions are capable of providing online training for CNAs. One of the most popular schools of this category is the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross offers nurse aide training in many states and has a well-developed virtual classroom. The course has a lower cost than many other programs because the cost of textbooks is waived due to their virtual offerings. All study materials can be obtained online and the course has continued benefits for nurse aides even after certification. With continuing education classes, there is a lot of career building that CNAs can accomplish online at the American Red Cross.

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