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The sooner you complete your training as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Boston, the sooner you can find a rewarding job. CNAs are one of the most abundant members of the healthcare team and employment opportunities are expected to increase for many years to come. Finding a job as a nurse aide can be easier than entry-level positions in other fields because of the many different institutions that hire CNAs. In Boston, you can find work at a nursing home, a hospital, a specialty clinic, or any other facility that is required to have qualified medical professionals on hand at all times. With a short training period and a high demand for their skill sets, CNAs can make smooth transitions from training to employment and find reliable work for many years to come.


The reason why there are so many CNAs is because the educational programs that train them are accessible and low-cost compared to other medical professions. Basic requirements for most programs ask for a high school diploma or GED, but not every course requires this educational background. The main qualifications are related to physical health and criminal background. All applicants must have up-to-date medical records and have recent immunizations and vaccinations. This is important because CNAs work in medical environments and cannot contaminate patients or be unprepared for exposure. For criminal records, educators and employers will use fingerprinting records to determine whether any applicant has been found guilty of any crimes.

Top CNA Programs

Boston Allied Health Training Center

The Boston Allied Health Training Center is based in Hyde Park and offers an affordable training program for applicants interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant or home health aide. The classes cover all basic requirements for training and the certification test is provided on site. In order to enroll, students must pass a preliminary assessment test.

Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College is based in the metropolitan area of Boston. They offer many different two-year degrees and vocational training programs, including CNA training. This program is a bit more difficult to get into, due to the stricter admission requirements of the community college admissions board.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is the most popular CNA training program in Boston. Affiliated with a national nursing organization, the training program’s reputation of nursing excellency attracts many students. Class formats are varied with several schedules and options for online offerings. Tuition is a little bit higher than at other locations, but the costs are mitigated by the extensive online resources provided to students. After certification is complete, students have the option to enroll in other classes for continuing education, which can strengthen your nursing resume and make you a stronger candidate for job placement and higher wages.

Catholic Charities of Boston

Based in South Boston, the Catholic Charities of Boston offer low-cost nurse aide training courses. They have offerings for day classes and weekend classes, which take six weeks or ten weeks, respectively. Tuition is $900 but does not include the testing fee, making it an averaged-priced instruction program for CNAs in the Boston area.

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