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In the next ten years, Certified Nursing Assistants will be the fastest growing position in the medical field and across all job fields in general. This is because of the high demand for qualified workers, the quick turnaround from training to employment, and the fulfilling nature of the profession. Especially in Colorado, there are increased wages and employment opportunities for CNAs. The average salary is over $27,500 and there are only 17,000 actively employed nurse aides across the state. Considering that nursing assistants are needed at nursing homes, hospitals, and all types of small clinics, there are still positions waiting to be filled. CNA training in Colorado Springs can be completed in less than two months, meaning that there is very little between you and a rewarding job.


All training programs have different prerequisites in terms of the educational background of applicants. For the most part, courses will require applicants to demonstrate a minimum level of reading comprehension and mathematics, but there is no requirement for a high school diploma, GED, or college degree. The most important prerequisites are related to criminal background and medical histories. All applicants will be screened by their fingerprints to make sure they have no disqualifying charges on their records. Health screenings and immunizations must be up-to-date in order to work at a medical facility.

Successful Training Programs

There are many training programs available in the Colorado Springs area, but some of them are better than others. The following schools are listed because they have performed significantly better than other programs in terms of pass-rates for their first time students.


Academy of Medical & Health Science78%


At the Academy of Medical & Health Science, 78% of first-time test takers pass the CNA certification test. The school has two locations for their nursing programs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, which include certification programs for Certified Nursing Assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses.

Beo Nurse Assistant Training Program – 73%

The Beo Nurse Aide Training Program passed 73% of its students through the CNA certification exam last year. As part of the Beo Personal Care chain of nursing homes, the Colorado Springs based training program can be completed in under a month. They offer daytime classes and evening classes, which can be completed in three weeks and four weeks, respectively. Tuition is $900 and covers the cost of some required equipment.

Centennial Nurse Aide Training Program – 78%

Centennial Nurse Aide Training is based in Colorado Springs and 78% of its last class of graduating CNAs passed the certification exam on their first attempt. The school offers day and evening classes at the start of each month. Tuition is $695 for the daytime course and $595 for the evening course.

Front Range Nurse Aide Training Program – 87%

The Front Range Community College network extends across Colorado and has many locations for educational opportunities and vocational training. In Colorado Springs, the Front Range Nurse Aide Training Program is one of the most successful nurse aide courses available. 87% of their last class passed the certification test on their first attempt. The only drawbacks are less flexible admission requirements and a higher tuition.

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