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CNA Training in Albany, NY

New York is one of the most popular places for Certified Nursing Assistants to work, with almost 100,000 CNAs completing training and finding employment across the state. Not only are there more nurse aides, they also get paid more than elsewhere in the country. The average salary for CNAs across New York is $32,000, though it may be lower in the less densely-populated areas around Albany. The training period is only a few weeks but the skills and knowledge gained will be useful for many years to come. The healthcare field is one of the fastest growing job markets in America, so take the time to invest in your education to reap the rewards of the trend.

Qualifications for Enrollment

The best part about CNA training is that there are barely any qualifications required to enroll in a certification course. Students must be capable of reading and writing at a 10th grade level and this is determined by a placement test in some cases. But there is no need for a high school diploma or GED for most programs. The most important prerequisites are related to personal background, specifically criminal history and medical records. All applicants must have no criminal history or a clear record, as demonstrated by their fingerprint records. It is also important to have current health records. Some training programs can administer physical examinations to satisfy this requirement, but it may be necessary to get new immunizations or additional tests.

Top CNA Programs

Capital District Educational Opportunity Center 

The Capital District Educational Opportunity Center has several locations that can be convenient for residents of the Albany area. They have two locations, one in Troy and the other in Albany. The program is administered through the Hudson Valley Community College. The program only accepts applicants that can demonstrate financial need. It provides vocational training programs in a number a fields, with a particularly popular CNA training program. Besides educational services, they also provide career counseling and employment advice. There are a number of experienced professionals that can provide guidance and support through the certification and employment process.

Mohawk Valley Community College at Folts Home

The Mohawk Valley Community College is based in Utica, but their CNA program is outsourced to a nearby senior living center at Folts Homes in Herkimer. The Mohawk Valley Community College is a two-year institution that offers associate degrees and several vocational training programs. It is not as convenient as other programs near Albany, but it is a useful option to consider. 

Schenectady County Community College

The Schenectady County Community College is one of the most popular programs in the Albany area for nurse aide certification. It is one of the most convenient programs for local residents, but there are some drawbacks that make it less accessible than others. The admissions process is more selective and tuition is higher than at most other institutions for CNA training. There are also advantages, and the wide-recognition of the community college’s certifications may help with employment and the large body of instructors and staff will help in developing a professional network.

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