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If you are looking for a job that will never disappear, you should find CNA training and become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Atlanta. CNAs are entry-level healthcare workers that can be employed in nursing homes, hospitals, and a wide range of other medical establishments. They are projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States for many years to come. Training only takes between four to six weeks and new employment opportunities are opening every day. Even without any educational background in medicine, you can enroll in certification training. And if it’s tuition that you’re worried about, there are a lot of options to help with learning expenses.  Part of what makes it so easy to become a CNA in Atlanta is the large number of training facilities available to residents. You can take classes at small, vocational nursing schools, community service centers, and community colleges across the state. Whether you’re looking for the most convenient training program, the most affordable training program, or the best teachers, you are sure to find the right course if you look in the right place.

Private Programs 

Alpha Nursing Training Institute

The Alpha Nursing Training Institute is part of the greater body of services that the Alpha Nursing Services provide to residents of Atlanta. Students can obtain state-accredited nurse aide training with a total of 85 hours of training. This covers clinical rotations and classroom lecture. Tuition is $350 and the course can be completed in four weeks.

Covenant CNA School

Offering both daytime and weekend formats for their CNA classes, the Covenant CNA School offers some flexible scheduling for students. Tuition is $600 and the course requires at least four weeks to be completed. They report that their students do better on the certification exam, which may be due to their tutoring policies for struggling students.

Murray Career Institute

The Murray Career Institute is a small educational institute that offers students several types of nursing assistant training programs as well as classes for certification as a Patient Care Technician. The school has morning classes, afternoon classes, and evening classes to provide flexible scheduling for busy students. Tuition for CNA training varies between classes, ranging from $560 to $625.

Community Service Programs

Atlanta General Education Center, Inc.

Atlanta General Education Center offers several types of vocational work programs and healthcare training programs, including CNA classes. The courses are available in daytime, evening, and weekend formats to be completed in four or five weeks. Tuition of $300 can be covered by federal entitlement programs and payment plans.

Atlanta Job Corps Center

The Atlanta Job Corps Center is one of the most affordable vocational training programs available in Georgia, CNA training is free. Established through the U.S. Department of Labor, this community service center is operated as a large educational facility that offers room and board to students that are enrolled in workforce development programs. Only applicants with sufficient financial need are permitted into the Job Corps.

Technical Schools and Community Colleges

Atlanta Technical College

The Atlanta Technical College is one of the premier two-year institutes in the Atlanta area. They offer several types of workforce training programs and healthcare certification programs. The CNA training program requires eight credit hours for a tuition around $700, not including testing fees and other administrative fees.

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