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CNA TrainingThere are a few important parameters that you should consider when choosing where to complete your training as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Delaware. First, decide what type of class best suits your individual needs as a student. Nursing homes, technical schools, vocational nursing programs, and community colleges all have different class types that vary in size, cost, and class schedule. Second, consider which schools have the best success rates. Students are required to take the certification exam upon graduation from a nursing program, and fortunately Delaware tracks all program results. Choosing a school based on the number of students that pass the exam is a good way to avoid any unsuccessful programs or dead-end training facilities. Third, decide what is most important to you about completing your certification. If you’re looking for a job, for personal fulfillment, or for a great learning experience, there will be many reasons for choosing one place over the other. Here are some of the most popular options for CNA training in Delaware.

Dawn Career Institute –70% Pass-rate

The Dawn Career Institute is based in Wilmington and had one of the largest classes in last year’s graduating class of nurse aides. With 194 students, the school achieved a 70% pass-rate on the certification exam. Dawn Career Institute offers many types of adult education programs and vocational instruction courses for students that want to start new careers or add more value to their present job. The school offers online CNA training for several types of classes, and evening classes are also available for busier students. The daytime training program can be completed in 10 weeks and the evening program in 12 weeks.

Delaware Skill Center –83% Pass-rate

The Delaware Skill Center is also based in Wilmington, offering a popular alternative to many other programs in the area. Last year’s graduating class outperformed other classes of similar sizes. Of the 142 students that graduated, over 83% passed the certification test on their first attempt. All students must have their high school diploma or GED and be able to pass some basic placement tests before enrolling in classes. The course can be completed in seven weeks, which is shorter than most others in Delaware.

Poly Tech Adult Education –87% Pass-rate

Based in Dover, the Poly Tech Adult Education center had one of the best pass-rates on the 2013 CNA certification exam in Delaware. With over 100 students, the school achieved an 87% pass-rate. Students must first meet with a career advisor before they are permitted to enroll in the nurse aide training program.

Tri State Technical School –73% Pass-rate

The Tri State Technical School is the most popular institution for nurse aide training courses in the state of Delaware. The school is based in Laurel and hosted almost 300 students last year. Given this larger class size, the pass-rate was still impressive, with 73% of all students passing the certification test on their first try. The school offers a deluxe package which provides double certification for Delaware and Maryland, which is one reason it attracts so many students compared to other schools in Dover and Wilmington.



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