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CNA TrainingThe best places to find Certified Nursing Assistant, CNA training in Indianapolis are nursing homes, community college, and vocational training institutions. There are many options in the area, and the best choice for your personal needs will depend on the type of student that you are. Students that prefer a larger class size with a greater degree of independent study will do better in a community college or technical school. In these settings, it may be more difficult to get the attention of an instructor for extra help, but the educational institutions are generally of a higher quality and reputation. Nursing homes and vocational training programs have smaller class sizes, which can be good and bad. Small classes allow for more student-instructor interaction, but are also more susceptible to problems in management or class-structure. Depending on what you need from your CNA training, one of these programs may be more satisfactory than the others.

Ivy Tech Community College

The Ivy Tech Community College is based in Indianapolis but has campuses across the state. As one of the most reputable places to complete CNA instruction, Ivy Tech is a well-established name in Indiana education. This may make it easier to find employment with nursing homes or to continue your education to higher degrees of professional expertise. Students can complete a number of two-year degrees besides their nurse aide certification, which is useful for improved employment opportunities. A drawback to this program is the tuition, which is significantly higher than smaller programs.

Walker Career Center

The Walker Career Center is a community service program that was established to help Indiana high school students complete workforce training before their high school education is over, giving them a valuable head-start for job placement. For CNAs, the program is based at the Highlander Park location near Indianapolis. Students are required to have perfect attendance, and all types of applicants are eligible for the adult education program. Tuition is $550 with a $150 registration fee, making this a relatively affordable option for training programs in the area.

Golden Living Training Center

Golden Living is one of the largest nursing home franchises in the United States and their Indianapolis center offers state-approved CNA Classes to interested applicants. Training at a nursing home is a great way to reduce the cost of your training and speed up your search for employment. Students that complete their training at a nursing home are eligible to have the cost of their training covered by their instructors if an offer of employment is received before certification is complete. Even without an offer of employment, training at a nursing home is a great way to get into touch with the professional networks in the Indianapolis area. Your instructors may be able to put you into contact with other nursing homes that are in need of staff.

MedTech College

The MedTech College network has several locations throughout Indiana, including Fort Wayne, Greenwood, and Indianapolis. The main campus is located in Indianapolis, giving residents a well-developed and tenured nursing program. This technical school is a more affordable option than most others, but still has a higher tuition than smaller vocational nursing courses.

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