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CNA Training ClassesFor a better-paying, more reliable career in Milwaukee, WI, thousands of people are turning to Certified Nursing Assistant training. After only a couple months of instruction and a certification test, students can be employed in a number of healthcare fields. The job market for the medical profession is one of the most reliable in the country, with hundreds of thousands of jobs available and more positions opening every day. There are a lot of options for nurse aide courses in Milwaukee which can make it tough to decide which program will be best for your needs. Here is a short list of some community colleges, technical schools, community centers, nursing homes, and other vocational nursing programs available in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Area Technical College

The Milwaukee Area Technical College is one of the most affordable and reputable educational institutions for CNA training. Choosing a technical college for your certification instruction is a great choice for students that prefer larger class sizes. There are more educational resources available through a larger educational facility, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College has many career resources available for students. Tuition is only $405 with some additional application and testing fees.

Milwaukee Center for Independence

As one of the only community centers in the Milwaukee area that provides CNA instruction, the Milwaukee Center for Independence is a great choice for training for several reasons. Students have a wide range of professional resources available to them, as well as personal resources. Single mothers or full-employed students can take advantage of the childcare services provided at the center. For help with finding a job, there are several different types of employment services available to students. Tuition is $950.

Quality Healthcare Options

Quality Healthcare Options is a small vocational CNA training program that offers several types of training for nurse aides. Students can enroll in daytime classes, evening classes, and weekend classes. There are also refresher courses available for nurse aides that do not need a full course to complete their certification. With a tuition of $1060, this option is more expensive than some others, but the tuition covers extra expenses like textbooks, testing fees, and administrative fees.

Amber House, Inc

The Amber House is a nursing organization that provides nursing services and educational courses for Milwaukee residents. Choosing to train at Amber House may be a useful choice for students that are interested in finding employment as soon as possible. Because Amber House is also a business, they employ CNAs to provide healthcare to patients at specific locations throughout the region. They offer several types of certification besides just nurse aide, and students can also complete their certification as a home health aide or CPR first-responder. They offer three class schedules: daytime classes in the morning, midday classes until the evening, and sometimes evening classes. Another advantage to choosing Amber House is the option to receive continuing education credits in the future, which may be necessary for certification renewal or job advancement. Tuition is $1115.


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