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The Top 5 Programs for CNA Training in Philadelphia

CNA Training ProgramsCompleting your Certified Nursing Assistant training in Philadelphia is a smart decision for fast access to a sustainable career. Presently, Philadelphia is one of the best cities in Pennsylvania to get a job, and combined with the national trends in the healthcare market, becoming a nurse aide will lead to a reliable job and good pay in no time. Below are listed some of the most popular and successful nurse assistant programs that are approved by the Pennsylvania Board of Education.

P & A NURSING – 78% Pass Rate in 2013

The CNA training program at P & A Nursing is one of the most popular in the Philadelphia area. Students can complete their certification training in five weeks. They have a flexible schedule, with daytime and evening classes available for students with time constraints. They accept some forms of financial assistance and have a payment plan for students that need help paying tuition. So far, they have graduated CNAs with a 78% pass-rate on the licensing examination that follows training.

New World Business School – 75% Pass Rate in 2013

The nurse aide course at the New World Business School has one of the highest pass rates on the Pennsylvania state certification exam for CNAs so far this year. The school is relatively popular, and has drawn more students so far than most other training programs in Philadelphia, second only to the American Red Cross.

American Red Cross – 72%Pass Rate in 2013

The American Red Cross is the most popular training program in the Philadelphia area. It provides more training resources than other programs and has multiple formats for students that require flexible schedules. So far in 2013, 72% of CNAs that graduate from their course pass the Pennsylvania state certification exam. The American Red Cross is useful for a number of reasons, and can provide continuing education credits for nurse aides after they have completed certification. Continuing your nursing education can help improve your resume and lead to higher wages.

Health and Technical Training Institute – 71%Pass Rate in 2013

The Health and Technical Training Institute is located just south of City hall and has a competitive pass rate on the certification exam this year, with 73% of graduates passing the test on their first attempt. For more information on program offerings and details, you can reach their offices at (215)-735-5555.

Professional Nursing Services – 52%Pass Rate in 2013

Located northwest of Philadelphia in Valley Forge, Professional Nursing Services is a small nursing practice that offers educational and caretaking services. Though the pass-rate is much lower than other schools across the state, there are some reasons to consider the CNA training program at Professional Nursing Services for your certification process. Their class sizes are much smaller than many other programs in Philadelphia, and they are a business that provides qualified nurses and nurse aides to people throughout the state. Training at this facility is a good opportunity to build a professional network in the field of nursing.

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