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CNA Training Starting a career in healthcare is one of the best ways to assure yourself of a sustainable and rewarding future. National trends illustrate a huge demand for qualified medical professionals, and if you live in Rochester, there are a number of ways to gain access to the booming growth in the healthcare market. Certified Nursing Assistants are the most entry-level position available in healthcare, and there are several different places to complete your CNA classes in the Rochester area. There are very few prerequisites to enroll in nurse aide instruction classes, so the sooner you enroll, the sooner you can begin to benefit from your work as a medical professional.

Rochester Educational Opportunity Center

The Rochester Educational Opportunity Center is affiliated with the College at Brockport and the State University of New York. There are many advantages to completing your nurse aide education at the REOC. First off, it is the closest program to Rochester, making it one of the more convenient options for residents. Second, the vocational work programs the school offers are tuition free, with some fees for class materials and testing fees. Third, it is one of the premier training facilities in northern New York, with modern facilities and an expert staff of instructors.

Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing

Based just outside of Rochester in Geneva, the Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing is one of the longest standing nursing programs in the area. It is a hospital-based nursing education institute, and offers distinct advantages over other classroom with on-the-job training. They offer several programs for nursing students, and the CNA course is one of the most popular certificate programs.

Finger Lakes Community College

The Finger Lakes Community College is based in Canandaigua. Their CNA program offers a little bit more than other programs in the area, allowing students to simultaneously complete their certification as a nurse aide and as a home health aide. This dual program is extremely useful for ensuring a greater amount of employability. They have several schools associated with the main campus, and have a large network for people interested in nursing education in the Rochester, New York area. The cost of the dual certification program is $2,500 and there are options for financial assistance.

Aaron Manor Nursing Center – Finger Lakes Community College

The Aaron Manor Nursing Center is a small residential-patient community in Fairport that offers students the opportunity to practice their caretaking skills and bedside manner. It is affiliated with the Finger Lakes Community College and hosts student internships for students that are enrolled in the CNA program.

Geneva Extension Center – Finger Lakes Community College

The Geneva Extension Center of the Finger Lakes Community College is based in Geneva and provides a popular alternative to the dual certification program at the main campus in Canandaigua. Students that prefer this campus choose it for its location and its additional offerings, which include emergency medical services and paramedic training. The CNA course requires applicants to be at least 16 years old and be capable of reading at a 9th grade level.

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