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There are over 1.5 million Certified Nursing Assistants working in America and there is still a shortage of qualified medical professionals. The demand for healthcare services and support positions is growing at a rate that far exceeds any other job field. In California, the average salary is for CNAs is approximately $30,000 per year – higher than almost every other state in the country! The employment trends that are fueling the healthcare field’s explosive growth are projected to continue for many years to come, so taking the time to become certified as a nurse aide can be a smart move for your future. It only takes a month or two to complete online training, so what’s holding you back?


There are almost no qualifications needed to become a nursing assistant. Educational programs will accept most types of applicants as long as they demonstrate the ability to read, write, and perform basic math. For some programs, it may be required to have a high school diploma or GED, but at others, there are no educational prerequisites. All CNAs must have clean criminal backgrounds and every program will conduct background checks using fingerprinting records. There are also some basic medical scans and immunizations required to work in a medical facility and most training programs offer these physical check-ups for a small price.

Popular CNA Programs

American River College

One of the most popular CNA programs in the Sacramento area is at the American River College, a two-year university that offers associate degrees and vocational training certificates. Their program is extremely popular and fills up fast, so the best way to get a spot is to register for the soonest mandatory orientation session. The tuition is approximately $300, not counting testing fees and optional health screening services.

College of Medical Arts

The College of Medical Arts is a healthcare training provider with several locations across California, including Auburn, Redding, Turlock, and Sacramento. They offer several types of certification, including CNA training. Applicants are required to pass a written test before gaining admission into the program.

Curam College of Nursing

The Curam College of Nursing is based in Sacramento and offers an intensive, 21-day course for CNAs to complete their certification. The school only admits 20 students per class, so admissions are tight and classes very small. Students are required to complete a written test to gain admission and must pay their testing fee two weeks in advance of graduation because the course is finished in three weeks.

Sacramento Job Corp.

The Sacramento Job Corps is the most affordable option for nurse aide training in the Sacramento area. Established by the U.S. Department of Labor, the Job Corps is a large educational institution that provides vocational training programs with room and board to students that are below the poverty line. If the cost of training is the main problem keeping you from becoming a CNA, the Sacramento Job Corp. is your best opportunity to receive free training and assistance with the cost of living until you find a job.

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