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Online CNA TrainingThere are many types of institutions in Seattle that offer training programs for Certified Nursing Assistants: high schools, community colleges, vocational nursing programs, and some nursing homes. Washington is one of the highest paying states to work as a nurse aide, so getting your start sooner than later will help you create a fulfilling career that can last you for many years. With the numbers of job opportunities expected to increase for many years to come, there are very few reasons to put off your education.

Community Colleges:

North Seattle Community College

The North Seattle Community College offers CNA Training through their Nursing Assistant Academy. Students can schedule classes at their convenience, with daytime, evening, and weekend courses available. The program provides over 150 hours of instruction, with a large majority spent on gaining the necessary skills to begin clinical rotations. There are many types of financial aid accepted, but gaining admission may be more difficult than at vocational nursing programs.

Seattle Central Community College

The Seattle Central Community College has a smaller training program for CNAs than the other community colleges in the area. They only offer courses in nurse aide training for the spring and summer sessions, so the limited availability may make this option less convenient for many students.

South Seattle Community College

The nurse aide certification program at South Seattle Community College has a regular class schedule, but fewer offerings than the Nursing Assistant Academy at North Seattle Community College. All applicants that are interested in enrolling must attend a mandatory orientation session to be considered. Many students complete their nurse assistant certification and continue on to the Licensed Practical Nurse program, which is only available to applicants that have already completed certification as a nurse assistant.

Vocational Nursing Programs:

Divine CNA Training – Northgate

Divine CNA Training has two campuses, and the Northgate facility is the most convenient for Seattle residents. Their program costs $595 for enrollment and tuition is due upon registration. They offer several different class formats, with daytime, evening, and weekend classes available for all students. The certified nursing assistant course involves 48 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of clinical rotation.

Seni Nursing Assistant Training

The Seni Nursing Assistant Training facility offers many unique advantages over other training programs, with a long list of continuing education credits and additional courses for resume building. The program extends over a three to six week period, and the facility is approved to offers in-house testing services for the certification exam. As a one-stop location for training and certification, the Seni training center is one of the most convenient options for CNA training in Washington.

Sound Vocational Institute

Based in Tacoma, the Sound Vocational Institute offers a six-week course for certified nursing assistant instruction. The school has been in operation for several decades and offers training in numerous professional fields. Their primary focus is healthcare, and they have several other certification programs for applicants interested in entering the medical field and finding employment in a healthcare career.

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