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Why Should I Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

The Certified Nursing Assistant is becoming one of the most abundant workers in the field of healthcare and still the demand for qualified CNAs continues to grow. Every day, new jobs are created at medical facilities like nursing homes, hospitals, and specialized clinics. The trend is expected to continue for the next decade or so, and CNA training only takes about a month to complete. Instruction programs are affordable and accessible, making it easy to learn a new, valuable skill set and switch careers.

Nursing Assistant Qualifications CNA Training Classes

The best part about becoming a nursing assistant is that almost anyone can do it. There are no educational prerequisites required. In some cases, applicants may be required to pass some written tests and prove their ability to read and write before beginning their training. But it’s even possible to take the certification test without any training. All candidates must not have any significant strikes on their criminal histories and both educators and employers will check with fingerprint records. It is also important to have up-to-date medical records. Working in a medical setting requires that you be properly vaccinated and pre-screened for any contagious conditions or health complications that may jeopardize your ability to work as a nurse aide.

Training Programs in Orlando

Recently, there have been some Florida academies shut down for providing false certification to applicants. If you come across the programat the Center for Professional Training and Development in the Orlando area, avoid their illegitimate program. It is not accredited by the state board of nursing.

Concorde Career Institute

The Concorde Career Institute is a healthcare academy that provides several different types of medical certifications and working degrees. It is a well-established program that has several locations across Florida, with a main location in Jacksonville. Compared to other options, it is slightly more exclusive and has a higher tuition.

Florida Healthcare Academy

The Florida Healthcare Academy is a bilingual medical academy that provides healthcare training to small classes. Tuition is $750 for the six-week course. There have been some negative reviews by students that expected more working experience in class. Because Florida does not require any minimum standards for taking the certification test, the academy is not required to provide clinical experience. But employers look for this.

JSS Training Academy 

The JSS Training Academy is a specialized tutoring service that offers many types of educational programs, with a newly developed course for CNA certification. The cost of the nursing assistant program is $950, which is more expensive than other options. This is another program which does not provide very much hands-on experience in a working environment, which may be a disadvantage when looking for a job.

MedTech Institute

The MedTech Institute is a national provider of healthcare certifications and medical training. Their Orlando campus has recently been updated to offer greater benefits to students and updated technological services for a more modern learning experience. The school has recently teamed with Florida’s certification exam provider, Pearson VUE, to offer the certification exam on their facilities for the convenience of students. The certification class can be completed in four to six weeks.

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