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CNA TrainingOregon is one of the highest paying states in America for Certified Nursing Assistants, and there are many places to complete training throughout the Portland area. Becoming a nurse aide is one of the most convenient ways to get access to the benefits of the extensive growth taking place in the healthcare industry. There are over one and a half million CNAs working across the country, and the value of their job is expect to increase due to a skyrocketing demand. Oregon allows for online learning to qualify for credit to take the certification exam, so the instruction process can be especially convenient for Portland residents. The country is in great need of qualified medical professionals, so taking the time now to complete your certification will lead to a rewarding and sustainable career into the future.

Caregiver Training Institute LLC

The Caregiver Training Institute is one of the most popular training courses for CNAs in Portland. They have a wide class selection, with flexible schedules and multiple class formats. They offer a daytime, evening, and weekend CNA class for students with busy schedules or full-time jobs. This is one of the best CNA programs for online instruction, and training can be completed within 30 days. The class is extremely popular however, and due to the limited class size, it can fill up quickly. In order to reserve a spot, students can pay half of the tuition in advance.

Holgate Community Training Program

The Holgate Community is an assisted living facility in the Portland area that offers nurse aide training for interested applicants. There are some benefits to training at a nursing home, and the Holgate Community Training Program is a great place to consider enrollment if you need fast employment. While they cannot guarantee employment upon graduation, there will be opportunities to build a professional network and find out about other local employment opportunities for CNAs.

Cascade Medical School

The Cascade Medical School is one of the newest training facilities for CNAs in the Portland area and offers an extensive list of useful program benefits. The school offers several different class formats, including an online class for the busiest students. They have intensive courses for students that are interested in getting their certification as fast as possible, and they are one of the only full-service educational institutions that allow students to take the certification test upon program completion.

Portland Community College

The Portland Community College is a great option for training as a certified nursing assistant. They have daytime and evening classes available, with several locations available for convenient clinical rotations. Part of what separates this program from others in the Portland area is the opportunity to intern at the local hospital for a three-day rotation. This experience in a medical setting will be helpful for a CNA’s resume and can be used to demonstrate an increased level of experience with medical procedures and high-stress situations. The drawbacks to the program at the Portland Community College are that there is a more selective application process, and some applicants may be turned away without proper qualifications.

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