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CNA TrainingBecoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the fastest ways to gain access to the growing benefits in the professional field of healthcare providers and medical support staff. This field is projected to be the fastest growing job market due to the significant majority of Americans entering old-age and requiring more medical services and daily supervision. There are millions of CNAs working across the country and more jobs are being created for nursing assistants on a daily basis. Oregon is one of the best-paying states for CNAs to seek employment with an average salary of $27,000 per year. Taking the month or two months required to get certified can be the most efficient way to start making more money in a sustainable career and a fulfilling position.

Certified Nursing Assistant Prerequisites

There are very few prerequisites for enrolling in a state-approved nurse aide training course. For the most part, candidates must have completed at least 10th grade and must be capable of reading, writing, and basic mathematics. For some programs, it is required that you have a high school diploma or GED and there may be placement tests required to enroll in a specific course. All applicants must not have criminal records and be able to verify their background with fingerprinting records. Medical immunizations are also required.

Top CNA Training Programs

Caregiver Training Institute LLC

The Caregiver Training Institute is based in the Portland area and offers several different class formats for students seeking their certification as a nursing assistant. They offer daytime classes and evening classes, with an optional online program. All students must schedule and attend a free orientation session before enrolling. Tuition for the regular class is $970, but tuition for online classes is $1070. They offer payment plans and do not reserve seats until half of tuition has been paid. Certification can be achieved in 30 days.

Cascade Medical School

Cascade Medical School is another competitive training program that offers several unique types of certification courses. They have daytime classes, an intensive certification course, and online formats for learning. Their virtual classes require a $1,265 tuition and their regular classes require a $1,165 tuition. The day program takes four weeks to complete and the online program takes five weeks.

Portland Community College

Portland Community College is one of the most popular places to complete CNA certification. Many students that are enrolled in the nursing program for an associate degree or bachelor degree choose to also complete their CNA certification at the college. Admission prerequisites are less flexible than other options and tuition can be higher. But the Portland Community College has a strong reputation backing it and a large professional network to provide guidance and further educational opportunities.

Prestige Care Inc.

Prestige Care Inc. is actually based in Vancouver, Washington, but is accredited by the Oregon State Board of Nursing to provide CNA training to students in Oregon. If Vancouver is too far of a commute, it may be more convenient to enroll in their online program. But they also have options for physical classes in the Portland area as well. The Porthaven Care Center and the Park Forest Care Center are both affiliated with Prestige Care and offer many training classes for interested applicants.

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