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Online CNA TrainingThere are a bunch of great places to find training for Certified Nursing Assistants in Vancouver, WA. The majority of your options are based at community colleges, vocational learning programs, online classes and some community centers that offer workforce development programs. There are many reasons to choose each type of training institute. Colleges are a good place to meet experts in the field and receive extensive feedback throughout the training process, but they can be among the most expensive options. Vocational nursing programs are based at nursing homes and private instructional facilities. They offer a good compromise to college courses, with smaller, individualized classes and lower tuition. Here are some of the most popular options for CNA training in the Vancouver area.

Clark College

Clark College is a two-year institution that offers college classes in a wide range of higher learning subjects. Students can complete associate degrees or professional certification to enter advanced professional fields. As one of the only community colleges in the area, it is the most popular option for nursing students that want to complete their education at an institution of higher learning. Students that complete their CNA at Clark College can also use their certification towards further training as a nurse.

Clark County Career Development Center

The Clark County Career Development Center is a vocational training institute that specializes in healthcare training courses. The most popular program is for certified nursing assistants, and a large majority of students at the center are there for nursing instruction purposes. Tuition is approximately $775, but there are several types of financial assistance and federal funding that the school accepts for payment of tuition.

CNA Training School of Nursing

The CNA Training School of Nursing is a small vocational training program. The program allows students to complete their training in several weeks. They have a flexible schedule that is designed to meet the demands of students, with day classes and evening classes. There is a chance that your desired class schedule will be unavailable, as class offerings are dictated by the number of enrolled students. Tuition is $750, which includes textbooks and other training materials.

CNA Training Vancouver

CNA Training Vancouver is a popular training program in Washington. Much like other private training programs, class sizes are small and offerings are select. There are different class formats available, including an accelerated format for ambitious students, and the regular course can be completed in four weeks. Tuition is $775. One aspect that separates this program from others is that students can pay extra to gain double certification as a CNA in Washington and Oregon.

Northwest NAC Training

Based in Vancouver, the Northwest NAC Training program is another small, vocational training program for nurse aides. They offer several different class formats, with daytime and evening classes available for all students. The clinical portion of training is experienced outside of the facility and students must work at a nursing home for several hours of their coursework. This is a great opportunity to network and develop professional contacts that will be useful for employment purposes. Tuition is $695 not including application fees and the cost of CNA class materials.

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