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Free CNA Classes Online

CNA ClassesIf you are looking for a fast, convenient, and reliable way to begin a better career, taking free CNA classes online is one of the best options you have. Certified Nursing Assistants are one of the most highly-demanded healthcare professionals in America, with 1.5 million nurse aides currently employed across the nation. By the year 2020, this number is expected to climb even higher and there will be over 300,000 new positions created just to meet demand for CNAs. The best part about becoming a CNA is that the educational requirements can be met by anyone willing to take the time to complete certification. No college degree is required, the process takes less than a year of training, and some training programs don’t even require a high school diploma for enrollment.

Find Free CNA Classes Online

Locating a free online class is not the hard part of enrolling in nurse aide training. There are many websites that offer free courses for nurse aide training. The hard part is finding a website that offers a state-approved certification course. Only the training programs approved by your state’s Board of Nursing or Department of Health are qualified to provide nursing assistants with the knowledge and skills needed to challenge the certification exam required for employment. Your first step to find free CNA classes online should be to check with your state board to see which programs will allow you to move forward with your career as a CNA. Every nursing assistant is certified through the state, so there is no way around taking a state-approved nurse aide training course.

Popular Online Classes

The most common providers of online classes for nurse aide training are vocational nursing schools, technical schools, and community colleges. These modern institutions provide a wide range of workforce training programs and many are updated with computer-based facilities. It may be possible to enroll in a training program that allows you to complete parts of your instruction online, whether from home or in the training institution’s computer lab. Community colleges have many types of distance learning programs that allow students to complete coursework from home, and this is extremely helpful for general education course requirements or placement tests. It is not very common to find a completely online course because a large portion of CNA, certified nursing assistant courses require that the trainee practice hands-on skills in a realistic, medical setting.

Online Drawbacks: Clinical Skills

The inability to practice clinical skills is the largest drawback to taking online classes. The certification test for nursing assistants requires that all applicants complete a multiple-choice section and a clinical skills section. Online courses can provide in-depth explanations and walk-throughs, but without practicing the skills in person, many nurse aides will not pass their certification test. For this reason, there are not many online training programs that are approved by state nursing boards. Programs that do offer online classes will require that students appear in person for many parts of the instruction, and it is nearly impossible to find a completely virtual learning experience that will prepare you for the certification test. Saving time and money on free online classes may seem like the best way to go, but there are no shortcuts to becoming a CNA.

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