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The 3 Best Ways to get Free CNA Classes

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1. Visit your Local Community Center

There are several different government programs that allocate funding for workforce training programs for each county in every state. To find the nearest community center that can help with job training and employment opportunities, it will take some research. The first place to begin looking is at your local County Jobs and Family Services office. This state office provides workforce training and employment networks for applicants. You must schedule an interview, and if selected, it is possible to get free CNA classes. If you cannot locate your County Jobs and Family Services office, do some research at your local library and ask the librarian about local workforce training and adult education programs.

2. Train at a Nursing Home

Nursing homes are the number one employers of Certified Nursing Assistants. They receive federal funding to help with the cost of training new employees. In order to get free classes from a nursing home, you must receive an offer of employment before you complete certification. It is possible to apply for a job and then apply for training. For the greatest chance of success, look for some nursing homes that are in need of new employees. It is possible to train at one nursing home and receive an offer of employment from another one, and this will also qualify for the cost of training to be covered by your future employers.

3. Receive an Offer of Employment

Every CNA is entitled to compensation for the cost of their training if they receive an offer of employment within one year of completing their certification. The federal government allocates a specific amount of funding to each state to help pay for every new nurse aide to receive an adequate level of training and professional experience during their certification process. Once you have passed your CNA certification classes and begin working as a CNA, the state in which you are employed can provide reimbursement for the cost of your training based on a pro rata basis. The costs and expenses you incurred as a result of training should be carefully recorded so that there is no question about the nature of your expenses. It is also helpful to maintain a positive employment record so that the state cannot find any reason to deny your application for reimbursement.

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