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CNA TrainingObtaining financial assistance from the federal government or the New York department of Human Resources is one of the best ways to get free training as a Certified Nursing Assistant in New York City. Considering that a career in healthcare is one of the most reliable ways to find job security and start making a better wage, becoming a CNA is a great way to start making ends meet. If you aren’t sure where to look to find financial assistance, try investigating some of the following types of loan programs: Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, Perkins Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, Graduate and Professional PLUS loans, and Individual Training Grants from the Human Resources Administration of New York. But even without financial assistance, there are several institutions in the New York area that can provide free CNA classes to applicants that can demonstrate their financial need.

College of Staten Island – CUNY

The College of Staten Island is part of the City University of New York community college network. It is one of the most popular places in New York City to receive free CNA training. Applicants that are interested in obtaining free instruction must first prove that they meet the standard qualifications for receiving aid. The pool of applicants is very competitive because this is one of the main programs in the city that offers free services. Only those candidates in the greatest need will be capable of obtaining financial assistance to cover the total tuition. The school is based in Staten Island.

New York Institute of Healthcare Careers

The New York Institute of Healthcare Careers is based in Jamaica and accepts many forms of financial assistance to help pay for the cost of CNA training. The primary form of financial assistance they accept is the Workforce 1 Voucher, a form of Individual Training Grant given out by the New York Human Resources Administration. They also offer several different services that will help students find jobs, such as resume counseling and job placement services.

Asa College

Asa College is one of the most affordable healthcare training facilities in New York. The school is based in Brooklyn and offers several different healthcare training programs. Their workforce development program can be extremely useful for students looking for free CNA classes, but it will be difficult to obtain completely free classes. With financial assistance, the price of classes can be much more affordable than other options.

Queensborough Community College – CUNY

The Queensborough Community College is one of the most affordable colleges in the City University of New York network, especially when it comes to training for certified nursing assistants. The tuition of their nurse aide classes is under $1,000 and they have an optional payment plan for students that allows for enrollment with only half of the tuition up front. Like other community colleges in the CUNY network, there are many types of financial aid that are accepted to help pay for class. The school is based in Queens.

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