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CNA TrainingThe sooner that you complete your training as a Certified Nursing Assistant, the easier it will be to find fulfilling and rewarding work in Philadelphia. If your lacking finances have been the main reason you haven’t enrolled in a class yet, there are plenty of great programs available for little to no cost. Free CNA training in Philadelphia is all over, but you have to look in the right places and go through the necessary application processes. There are free courses at community centers and in some cases, nursing homes can provide training without any out-of-pocket expenses. Other options can be more expensive, but remember that all certified nursing assistants are entitled to reimbursement for the cost of their training after they find employment. Here are some of the best bets for free training as a nurse aide.

Philadelphia Job Corps

The Philadelphia Job Corps is an educational program that accepts students for vocational training programs while also providing room and board. Students can live, eat, and learn for no cost at all. The U.S. Department of Labor is responsible for offering these services across the nation, and Philadelphia Job Corps is an extremely popular training option for low-income residents in Pennsylvania. There are a number of vocational learning programs that can help students find a meaningful career and start making more money. The Certified Nursing Assistant program is run through the Life Sciences center and has an extensive training period. This is one of the best options for free training in Philadelphia.

New Courtland Educational Center

The New Courtland Educational Center is part of a healthcare provider network that services several nursing homes throughout Pennsylvania. The Educational Center is a great place to find affordable training as a nurse aide and there are several different types of scholarships, training funds, and tuition assistance programs to help pay for the cost of training. One of the main goals of the New Courtland Educational Center is to help new nurse aides enter the field with the expertise they need and to continue developing their professional skillset. Their “Ladder of Opportunity” program provides students with educational stipends to help pay for further training after certification has been complete. The program has had hundreds of successful graduates and prides itself on the support it provides for students throughout their entire training process to ensure professional and personal success.

ABO Haven

The ABO Haven is a leader in workforce development programs in the Philadelphia area. They offer extensive career counseling and employment services. Their vocational training programs range from healthcare to information technology, and they provide a host of other valuable services for over-worked and underpaid people. For example, single mothers benefit greatly from the childcare services that ABO Haven offers. There are many financial assistance programs that can help with the cost of training and all students are entitled to tutoring and job-placement assistance, which is what makes the ABO Haven one of the most successful workforce development programs. The nurse aide training program is associated with the American Red Cross, which allows ABO Haven to provide on-site testing services with greater flexibility.

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