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How to Find Nursing Classes Online

Nursing ClassesBe careful when you’re looking for nursing classes online. There are many false advertisements, fraudulent diploma programs, and inadequate courses that compete for the attention and tuition of the most hopeful nursing students across the country. Only some programs are accredited and approved by the appropriate medical licensing bodies. Here are some tips for avoiding Internet scams and bad online programs.

Check Accreditation

Depending on the type of CNA class you wish to enroll at, there will be several different ways to find out the necessary accreditation needed for legitimate schools. For Certified Nursing Assistants, all programs must qualify their participants to take part in the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, otherwise known as the NNAAP. Any program that does not qualify for participation in the NNAAP will not be a good fit for your training as a CNA. If seeking licensure as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, the course you enroll in online must meet the national standards for qualification to take the NCLEX, or National Council Licensure Examination for nurses.

Visit your State Department

The most direct way to find out whether or not a nursing course is listed as an accredited provider of nursing instruction is to check with the appropriate state department. Each state has very strict guidelines about the mandatory qualifications for instruction programs for medical professionals like nurse aides and practical nurses. To find out whether or not the online nursing class you want to enroll in is approved, visit the state boards’ websites. For Certified Nursing Assistants, a list of state-approved nurse aide training programs can be located at the online Nurse Aide Registry for your state. This registry lists all professionally certified nurse aides and provides a variety of resources for training, education, and employment purposes. For nursing classes in other specialties, check with your state’s Board of Nursing. This resource details the different schools that are nationally accredited to offer nursing education and provide the NCLEX exam required for licensure. The Board of Nursing may also include more information about the nursing profession in general, which can be helpful for nursing assistants and vocational nurses looking for places to continue education or improve their professional capabilities. Some states are different than most, and the important boards for nurses vary between the Board of Nursing, the Department of Health, and the Division of Licensure Regulation.

Talk to an Official

One of the most direct ways to clear up any confusion about online nursing classes is to speak directly to an official associated with the website or your state department. If the nursing class you are interested in does not provide contact information that leads to a real person, it is not a trustworthy program. On the other hand, if you reach a real person and still find yourself in doubt, check with the state boards. There are officials that work with each department of the state to help answer questions and to clear up confusions about the certification requirements and availability of training programs.

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