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Advantages of Online CNA Certification

The advantages of online CNA certification are abundant. Online certification classes are available to everyone, they are available at any time of the day, they can be completed from the comfort of home, and they are sometimes cheaper than regular classes. These are the main advantages, but each one has some qualifications to consider. In some states, online certification is not accepted as in other states, so consider each of the perks with the following grains of salt.

Available to Everyone

This is not always the case with online CNA certification. In some states, they specifically prohibit online classes from qualifying for certification credit. If you have only completed an online course, it is possible that you will not be permitted to take the certification test. Making matters more complicated, some online classes for CNAs in one state may not cover enough topic material for CNAs in other states. For example, in Maine nurse aides must complete at least 180 hours of instruction during their training, but in other states, the minimum is set at 75 hours. Therefore, a person taking online classes in Maine must receive an adequate amount of instruction or else they will not qualify for credit to challenge the certification exam.

Flexible Scheduling

Sometimes, flexible scheduling is actually a problem with online courses. Because they allow students to choose their own work schedules, it is possible that students will fail to plan properly. In some cases, a flexible schedule is more likely to leave room for work to go incomplete. In other cases, the schedule isn’t flexible enough. With some online educators, if students miss as many as three classes, they are immediately dropped from the course without a reimbursement for the cost of tuition. It is important to be aware of class attendance policies.

Completed from Anywhere

As mentioned before, it is not always useful to complete an online course that was designed for residents of a faraway place. It is extremely convenient to do your work at any moment you choose from any location, but if you live in a state that does not conform with other states’ regulations on nursing assistants, it will not be helpful to complete online training. There are situations where online educators accept new students without explaining the problems they will encounter during their certification process. Check with your state board before enrolling in an online training program.

Low Tuition

There are many online programs that offer reduced tuitions to students. These programs are able to cut expenses by only providing virtual textbooks and course material. But some programs also cut expenses in important places, like instructors or class availability. If the class is too cheap, there may be problems further down the road. In other cases, online courses are actually more expensive than physical classes. Because they are offering a highly-demanded service, online educators get away with jacking up their prices and tuition rates. The lowest cost training programs are never online. They are found at community centers and public service initiatives. Even some community colleges’ certification programs are less expensive than online distributors. Do thorough research on the tuition rates in your region before enrolling in any CNA classes online.

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