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Pros and Cons of Online CNA Training

Online CNA TrainingConsidering enrolling in an online training course for Certified Nursing Assistants? Before you make your decision and fork over tuition, take some time to consider every side of the idea. Online programs can be especially attractive for people who don’t have the time or resources to take weekly classes, but there are some considerable drawbacks to a strictly virtual learning experience.


Convenience – The most attractive aspect of any online CNA course is the convenience. There are many benefits to being able to complete classwork from anywhere you choose: comfort, scheduling, and efficiency. Some people are much better workers when they are comfortable and can move faster at their own pace of learning. For others, the reason why online classes are so useful is because they don’t have time to meet for regular class sessions during daytime hours. You can make your own schedule with an online course.

Accessibility – Online training programs accept all types of applicants because they are offering a service for profit. The more students they get to enroll in their online course, the more offerings they can afford to provide. This means that most online programs will accept anyone who is interested in enrolling in their program, and very few qualifications are required to enroll in online learning programs.

Resources – An underestimated benefit to online training programs is the limited resources required. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for textbooks, uniforms, ID badges, and other training materials, students can just download the necessary materials for instruction. Being able to access a wide range of educational resources for no extra cost is a huge advantage to online learning.


Credibility – The main problem with online CNA training is that many programs lack credibility with the necessary officiating bodies. Without accreditation, there is no reason to enroll in an online program because the state will not permit you to take the certification test. There are some states that make exceptions to this rule, and in some places it is possible to challenge the certification test without taking a state-approved nurse aide training course. These states are few and far between, however, so it is important to find an online program that qualifies for credit to take the certification exam.

Cost – Surprisingly, many online programs cost more than local programs. This is because they are run for profit, and generally are not associated with any charitable organizations or healthcare institutions. Because they accept so many students without restrictions, they try to capitalize as much as possible on each enrollment. Many people are surprised by the tuition of online programs, which are notorious for hiding fees and concealing the total cost of tuition until the bill comes due. There are many types of CNA training programs that are more affordable than online courses.

Effectiveness – Online training just isn’t the same as getting hands-on experience. Especially in the field of nursing, there are many skills that are extremely difficult to master without practicing on a real patient in a real clinical setting. Many online courses try to cut corners by providing instructional videos or interactive modules, but there is much more value in real-life experience. Many people that complete online courses become frustrated with the lack of support throughout their training, and experience greater difficulty on the certification exam.

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