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cna jobsThe Certified Nursing Assistant is a versatile member of the healthcare team, and their job is becoming more and more valuable every day. If you take CNA classes online, you can find better-paying work sooner than you would in most other professional fields. The job market is projected to increase by 20% for nurse aides and nursing assistants in the next five years, and now is the time to take advantage of the trend. Even if you are already busy with a full time job or other commitments, online CNA classes can be the ideal way to improve your resume, train for a new career, and start making more income.

In every state, there are mandatory requirements for people that wish to challenge the CNA certification test and complete their certification as a nurse aide. For the most part, every state requires that all CNAs complete at least 75 hours of instruction. Within these 75 hours, there are two types of training to be completed: classroom instruction and supervised clinical rotations. Taking classes online can help you accomplish both of these, but to a limited degree.

Classroom lectures make up the largest bulk of instruction, and fortunately, they are perfectly suited for online formats. Because every nurse aide must understand a basic repertoire of nursing protocol, medical science, and patient rights, instructors must cover a bare minimum of core lessons before trainees can be exposed to real patients and working conditions at nursing homes or medical laboratories. These lessons are crucial to performing accurate check-ups and maintaining safe habits as a caretaker, but they also will be covered on the certification test. Online courses are good as additional review or test preparation for the certification test as well.

The supervised clinical rotations are one aspect of instruction that cannot be accomplished with virtual lessons. Online courses will not be able to provide an adequate amount of experience with hands-on techniques and important nursing procedures. For this reason, many states do not allow online classes to qualify for credit to challenge the certification exam. Even if you are enrolled in a state-approved online class, you should consider taking extra time to practice your clinical skills in preparation for the certification exam.

There are other online courses that can be of use to nurse aides besides for certification. In fact, some states require that registered nurse aides must continue their education with several credit hours every two years, or else forfeit their certification. But there is a lot of additional value to continuing education credits. Nursing homes have a large staff of CNAs, so taking classes to build your resume and distinguish yourself can improve your odds of finding work. Many of the most experienced CNAs are constantly developing their educational background to have a more significant competitive edge over coworkers. Because the CNA is a versatile position, the more experienced they are, the more valuable they are to a healthcare team. Taking online classes for skills beyond the healthcare field can create new professional avenues for nursing assistants, such as teachers, administrators, and personnel management. The more time you spend on your education, the more valuable you become.


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